Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Crocus tommasinianus

This is Crocus tommasinianus, a very early spring species. It has increased rapidly; this clump is 3 years old from a single bulb. Our biggest problem here is rabbits eating the flowers and foliage and rodents of various sorts eating the bulbs. We have spread Milorganite around this year and so far none of the crocuses have been touched. Someone told us this would help keep deer from eating things and that's why we tried it, but it seems to be working for the rabbits too. Daffodils are showing color, at least some of the very earliest ones, so we should be looking pretty cherry soon. Opening day for the nursery is April 25th and we should have a wonderful daffodil show this year for opening weekend. In years with early springs, the daffodils can be almost finished by then. Visitors are free to take home a bouquet with them when they visit.

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